LIFETWO Ambassadors inform, inspire and support a positive vision of religious and spiritual diversity in their school, communities and networks.

We are currently welcoming Ambassador applications from teachers, school leaders, volunteers in the youth and/or educative sector as well as those who are leaders in civil society organizations, mayors and other public office holders primarily from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Cyprus and The Netherlands and from across Europe as well.   


What is the role of Ambassadors?

  • Lead by example: showcase your dedication to the fight against religious, spiritual, cultural, ethnical or any other kind of stereotypes
  • Inspire others to take action: encourage school leaders, educating communities, networks of parents, associations of teachers and educators as well as local, regional and national education department to get involved in novel approaches for teaching religion, basing on an Inquiry Educative Strategy designed to develop transversal skills related to multiculturalism and integration
  • Connect with others:with likeminded individuals, work together with different stakeholders from cross LIFETWO countries and Europe, and benefit from updates on transversal skills acquisition strategies, fight against exclusion and marginalization through dialogic-learning based education and inspiring practices across Europe  

Who can become an Ambassador?

We are currently seeking out the following individuals to become LIFETWO Ambassadors:

  • Headmistresses, headmasters, teachers and student group leaders of secondary schools with a commitment to multicultural action and advocacy
  • Researchers, University professors, other educators (e.g. adult, VET educators) with commitment to ambitious educative action through innovation and non formal education activities

What are the benefit of being an Ambassador?

  • Recognition from the LIFETWO consortium and a short individual bio on the LIFETWO official website 
  • Access to a local as well as European-wide network of LIFETWO Ambassadors
  • Access to resources  and tools on multicultural education’ strategies, Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning approaches for engaging and communicating with others
  • Use of LIFETWO branded materials for the creation of contents for web and social media channels 
  • Opportunities to gain visibility for your cultural action and advocacy on the LIFETWO website and social media channels
  • Opportunities to participate in European and national events across Europe
  • Dedicated access to online and in-person workshop with LIFETWO consortium experts on interreligious related topics, as well as ah-hoc capacity building support

What kind of activities can Ambassadors undertake?

  • Raising awareness of the causes and impacts of religious and spiritual stereotypes
  • Promoting individual and group actions in your school, community and networks
  • Participating in public and private events as a representative of the LIFETWO project
  • Communicating on your multicultural action and ambition at large
  • Organization  of online and offline events and thematic discussions
  • Organizing activities related to multicultural education and transversal skills acquisition pathways
  • Connecting local cultural activists with other relevant network and stakeholders
  • Exchanging knowledge through peer-to-peer learning

Questions? Willing to apply? Please contact us: