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Are you a religious person? Are you a spiritual person? Aren’t you both of them?

Play 40 Answers and discover that the felling the others have about the religions are not so different from yours!

The answers can be a lot! All have one thing in common: a common feeling about life and after life.

40 answers is a game of cards and narration that focuses on debate. An amazing, convivial and fun game to play with family and friends.

App Version

The game 40 answers is now online !! You can download it from the main app stores !

For Android devices with software older than 11 version download clicking here.

Printed Version

Download the instructions and the game in your preferred language !

The objective of the gaming experience in LIFE Two project.

The LIFE Two project aims at capitalizing on the research activities and the drafting of the PD&P for secondary school through the development of a game. This tool is intended to captivate students and facilitate understanding of cultural and religious differences through the application of Inquiry specific learning processes:

  • creating questions of their own to properly afford problems,
  • obtaining supporting evidence (e.g. bringing to mind previously owned knowledge, information, notions) to answer the question(s) thus achieving scores in the game
  • explaining the evidence collected to advance the game
  • connecting the explanation to the knowledge obtained from the investigative process, and
  • creating an argument and justification for the explanation given.
From a “role” to a “board” game development.

The initial hypothesis for LIFE Two game was to develop a role game: there are indications from dozens of scientific studies that role-playing can benefit many population groups and there is slowly increasing use of role play games in educational and therapeutic settings. Basing on these premises, Villa Montesca researchers interfaced with a multidisciplinary team of experts (composed by game developers, psychologists, experts of pluralism and cross-religions themes) with focus groups, separate calls and meetings to reflect upon the adherence of role game structure to LIFE Two purposes.

40 Answers: a board game (about discussing) (on) religious pluralism

40 Answers is a board game with the aim of promoting the intercultural and interreligious debate. The game proposes a cognitive methodology in approaching religions that is neither ideological nor limited to taking into consideration historical and social aspects but rather promoting cross-cultural dialogue on universal questions and spirituality. It is intended to promote social and religious inclusion in education by showing how religions could be an element of union rather than division between different cultures. Thanks to its features, 40 Answers promote integration and active listening among players, bringing together recreational moments with educational purpose, avoiding ironic representations and shallow interpretations.