The LIFE TWO Learning Guide is online!

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Guidance to teachers and educators about how to implement the Pedagogical and Didactic Participatory teaching and learning Model (PD&P) in secondary schools and how to use the Inquiry Based Method for teaching religions. The approach will be piloted in the … Continued

Online meeting of the partner organizations

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Online meeting of the partner organizations for discussing about the final delivery of the Scenario-based questionnaire to students and teachers and about the definition of the pre-testing phase. Partners are also analyzing the proposals of the role-play game and the LIFE … Continued

Dissemination of the main aims

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Dissemination of the main aims of LIFETWO project during the online event in live streaming of Fondazione Villa Montesca in the framework of the celebration of Erasmus Days. The event is addressed to the Educating Community Network, primary and secondary schools … Continued

Online meeting of the project Partners

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Online meeting of the project Partners to share all main topics such as the LIFE TWO Manual, the Role-Game preparation, the questionnaire for the research. A new planning of the project is  also discussed as it is needed in front of the … Continued

First meeting in Sofia

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First meeting in Sofia of the LIFE TWO Partners in Sofia, Bulgaria. The principal objective of this meeting is the creation of a pedagogic and educative model that could guide and let secondary schools students and teachers think about the … Continued


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LIFE TWO scales up good practices on inclusive education and on promoting common values, initiated in particular at local level, replicating the model of the previous project ‘LIFE’ (mettere link al sito LIFE) on a wider scale involving more countries … Continued


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The following are the main deliverables that are being realized in the course of the LIFE TWO project: Upscaling Report Tries to discover the potential value of developing and identifying interventions that enhance student’s tolerant and collaborative behaviours in respect … Continued

E-learning platform

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