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LIFE TWO scales up good practices on inclusive education and on promoting common values, initiated in particular at local level, replicating the model of the previous project ‘LIFE’ (mettere link al sito LIFE) on a wider scale involving more countries and transferring it to the secondary schools, enriching it by adding a specific focus on religion-based intolerance.

This project aims to foster a participatory pedagogical methodology based on the Inquiry Educative Strategy designed to develop transversal skills related to multiculturalism and integration (LIFE Model). The Model, addressed to primary education in the previous LIFE project, has already proved to be successfully when tested in 5 European countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Spain). This LIFE TWO project will be implemented in 8 European countries, namely Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Spain, Greece, The Netherland, Bulgaria, Cyprus.

Using the Inquiry Method and approach, LIFE TWO will give the students and the teachers an educative tool not addressed to “accept” other religions as an inevitable matter of fact, but as a critical recourse to understand better the world where they live and to interpret their society. 

The long-term impact of the project is mainly linked to the implementation of a new curriculum on pluralistic religious education and the LIFE TWO model.