Learning Guide Manual

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Guideline to transfer and exploit the results of the project. It is addressed to educational networks, secondary school teachers, headmasters, other teaching staff, policy makers, public administrators, giving the project a broader horizon.

It explores the role of teaching and learning religions in secondary schools and contains details about the participatory teaching and learning model to give an inclusive dimension to the religions in secondary school. It also deepens the approach based on the Inquiry Based Method – IBM in the field of teaching and learning religions and how to use PD&P approach (basing on the results of the experimentation held in each partner country). It provides a series of didactic exercises and examples of lessons addressed to the main religions.

It will integrate all the protocols elaborated during the participatory processes of each country and all the practices of each piloting.

All the protocols and the piloting will be compared and analysed by the experts involved in the research phase in order to summarize all the process and create the general Pedagogical and Didactic Participatory teaching and learning Model (PD&P).